ARBA International B.V.

Established in 2017, ARBA International BV is a Dutch startup committed to driving innovation in the automotive industry with advanced digital solutions. Our products are meticulously crafted to elevate the experiences of both car enthusiasts and car company owners. At ARBA International BV, we are steadfast in our commitment to integrity, sustainability, and a client-oriented approach, consistently delivering on our promises.

Our flagship product, the ARBA Auto app, is a comprehensive tool designed to simplify car ownership. It aids owners in efficiently tracking their vehicle’s maintenance and expenses. Its mission is to transform car ownership into an experience that is more manageable, efficient, and cost-effective. Through our platform, which offers tracking capabilities for mileage, expenses, and fuel consumption, we empower users to make informed decisions regarding their vehicles.

Additionally, ARBA International BV is dedicated to fostering a community of car owners. This community serves as a hub for sharing information and experiences, offering valuable insights into car ownership and a supportive network for those tackling car maintenance challenges.

In 2023, we expanded our portfolio with the introduction of ARBA Business, a product aimed at revolutionizing website development for car companies in the Netherlands. Our innovative approach marries affordability with speed and superior quality, significantly enhancing customer experiences in the digital space.

At ARBA International BV, our pursuit of excellence is continuous. We are consistently developing new products and services that align with our visionary mission, remaining at the cutting edge of the automotive industry.