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We create systems and offer solutions that benefit our clients. We provide efficient and affordable IT solutions of the highest quality
Company history

ARBA Agency was launched in 2017 in The Netherlands and brought its first product to market: the ARBA Auto app for car owners

In 7 years, the app has found success among the audience and has gained more than 50K users and over 65K vehicles.

The ARBA Auto app for car owners has gained more than 50,000 active users


With over 7 years in the market, we have significant experience in providing digital solutions

Over the years, we have gained substantial experience in digital solutions. We believe we can change the way we approach website development. We have decided that our clients should not have to choose between quality, speed, and price. We work on a fixed-price model, which gives us the opportunity to offer unbeatably low prices for the highest level of results and allows the client to immediately know the cost and timing of the project that is perfect for them.

ARBA Auto app users manage more than 65,000 of their own vehicles
High Activity
Users add over 10,000 vehicle records monthly

We focus on the world’s best quality, so we use the coolest, most reliable, and fastest tools available

our team

We combine expertise with flexibility and motivation, thanks to our young, energetic team guided by an experienced leader

Ivan Alexandrov
Company director
With a professional IT education and a PhD, our director combines brains with a dash of humor. He’s managed IT projects up to $50M and still remembers his humble coding beginnings. When not navigating complex projects, he enjoys cracking the quirkiest tech jokes and mentoring the team with a blend of wisdom and wit.
Director of Project Portfolio

Director of Project Portfolio

A master multitasker, our Director of Project Portfolio balances multiple projects with finesse. With a sharp marketing sense, he dives deep into each project, ensuring nothing is overlooked. Friendly and approachable, he turns complex project management into a smooth and engaging process.

Head of Development

Chief of Development

Though young, our Chief of Development has been coding since diapers. An extreme perfectionist, he’s obsessively meticulous about every detail and can’t sleep if something isn’t working perfectly. His passion for flawless code and impeccable functionality makes him an invaluable member of our team.

ARBA Agency Designer

Web&UX Designer

Meet Den, our Web & UX Designer. He blends incredible creativity with ironclad discipline and attention to detail. Quickly grasping the essence of a client’s business, Den ensures every design is both stunning and functional. His unique mix of artistry and precision makes him an essential part of our team.

Our principles

Customer focus

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