Exclusive auto service website for sale
AutoBiz website by ARBA Agency
June 29, 2024

Exclusive auto service website for sale

We are thrilled to offer an exclusive, brand-new website specifically designed for auto services. This modern, feature-rich platform is perfect for enhancing your business’s online presence and attracting more customers. Discover the full range of features, advantages, and the incredible value included in this offer.

Key Features

  • Modern, Unique Design

    Our website boasts a sleek, professional design with vibrant orange graphic elements, ensuring your business stands out from the competition. The layout is user-friendly, providing an excellent user experience (UX) that keeps customers engaged.
  • Comprehensive Car Catalog

    Showcase your vehicles with a detailed car catalog. Each car has its own page with prices, specifications, and full descriptions. Built using WooCommerce and Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), this section provides a seamless shopping experience for your customers.
  • Advanced Booking SystemThe website includes a powerful booking system powered by the Amelia plugin. Customers can book services online, receive notifications, and manage their bookings through a personal client account. This system streamlines the booking process and improves customer satisfaction.

  • Google Maps Integration

    Make it easy for customers to find your location with Google Maps integration. This feature allows visitors to see your exact location and get directions directly from the website.
  • Contact Forms Integrated with Email and Telegram (optional)

    Stay connected with your customers through integrated contact forms. The Fluent Forms plugin ensures all inquiries are captured and sent to your email and Telegram, making communication effortless and efficient.
  • Engaging Blog

    Keep your audience informed and engaged with a dedicated blog section. Publish news, updates, and articles relevant to your business, helping to build trust and authority in your industry.

What’s Included in the price

You get a comprehensive package that covers all aspects of website development and launch:

  • Full Customization

    The website is fully ready and only needs to be customized to reflect your brand identity, including integrating your logo, color scheme, and specific design elements. The design can be modified to meet your preferences.
  • Content Integration

    All your provided content, including text, images, and videos, will be seamlessly integrated into the website.
  • Professional On-Site SEO

    To ensure your website ranks well on search engines, we provide professional on-site SEO. This includes optimizing meta tags, headings, image alt texts, and content to improve visibility and attract organic traffic.
  • System Setup

    The website will be fully set up with all the key features mentioned above, ensuring everything works perfectly.
  • Deployment and Launch

    We handle the entire process of deploying and launching the website, ensuring a smooth transition and minimizing any downtime.
  • One Month of Support

    After the website goes live, we provide one month of support to help with any initial adjustments or issues that may arise.

Our Optional Standard Support and Hosting

We offer basic support, including regular updates, backups and maintenance and super fast hosting service at €20 per month. If you choose it, you will receive a six-month warranty for free resolution of any technical issues.

Super offer!

This exclusive offer from ARBA Agency (The Netherlands) provides a turnkey solution designed to meet the specific needs of your auto service business. Developed on CMS WordPress with the PRO theme —one of the best on the market today—this website combines top-tier design and functionality. With modern features, professional design, and comprehensive support, this website is the perfect tool to boost your online presence and drive growth. Don’t miss out on this incredible deal – launch your new site within a week and start reaping the benefits.

This website is unique and will be sold exclusively to one client, ensuring you have a distinctive and unmatched online presence.

For more information or to purchase this website, please contact us.


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